Terms & Conditions


  • All payment made is strictly non-refundable or transferable.
  • A deposit of one month’s fees $120 must be paid, all payments made are strictly non-refundable and it can be used to offset one month’s notice, if withdrawing.

Account details

You can choose to pay your swimming fees in cash or by internet banking transfer:


If by internet banking transfer, kindly notify XSA Swimming Academy of the transfer and keep the receipt for verification.

Group Lesson

  • There will only be four lessons in a month regardless of the number of weeks.
  • Group lessons fees are payable on the 4th week of the month. Payment card will be issued on the 3rd week and to be collected on the 4th week, together with the fee of $120/- per student. All the fees must pay before 1st swimming lesson.
  • There will be no compensation or make-up class for students who are absent for any reason or swimming pool is closed due to lightning alert. Make up lesson will only be arranged if coach cancels the class himself or herself.
  • There will be no lesson during public holidays and it will be counted as one lesson. If there are five weeks in the month, lesson fees will be charged at $150.
  • All students are required to pay their own entrance fees to all public swimming pools.

Private Lesson

  • All four lessons have to be consumed within one month from the first lesson.
  • Students are required to inform the instructor one day in advance if they wish to cancel the swimming lesson, after which make up lesson should be arranged in favour of the instructor’s schedule.
  • Students are required to register our instructors with their residence management.
  • Students are required to inform our instructors of any rules and regulations or operation hours of the swimming pool.

Public Holidays

There will no swimming lessons during gazetted Public Holidays.

  • All Public Holidays
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Chinese New Year Eve
  • Day 1 to Day 3rd of the Chinese New Year

Swimming Equipment

Students are required to wear our swimming caps at all times during lesson time

Temporary Discontinue

In an event that students need to discontinue their swimming lessons temporarily for own reasons or on holiday, they are still required to pay the fees to reserve the time slot. Failing to do so, the swimming instructor reserves the right to give the slot to other students.

Refund Policy

No refund of deposit will be given. However, it can be used to offset one month’s notice, if withdrawing.


We will not be held responsible for any claims arising out of any injury, damage or loss of life while attending this course and this includes all cost and expenses incurred as a result of such claims. XSA Swimming Academy reserves the right to alter terms and conditions without prior notice.